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Colby's Pig Roast Caterer News

Colby's Pig Roast Caterer News

Summer Catering Season

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 03/11/14

Summer catering season is just around the corner. Make your event tasty and less work by booking Colby's Catering for your event. Colby's catering picnics, weddings, business events, anniversaries and just about any get together.  

Colby's Catering Selected Fro Chase Corporate Challenge

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 04/11/13

Colby's Catering has been added to the Chase Corporate Challenge Preferred Caterers for the 2013 event in Rochester, New York. The Challenge will be held at Rochester Institute of Technology. Since 1989 Colby's Pig Roast Catering has serviced all types of corporate catering and social events. Colby's will feature Barbecue style menus for racers. for more information www.colbyscatering.com  

Colby's BBQ Stand at Rochester Garden EXPO March 14 - 17 2013

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 03/04/13

Southtown Plaza in Henrietta, NY will turn in the a gardeners paradise March 14th - 17th. Colby's will be serving the best BBQ, Ice Cream and Bakery treats all during the four day show. Tickets are available at Wegmans and at the show. There will 50,000 square feet of garden and landscape displays and artisan booths displaying home ideas and crafts. Join Colby's for Delicious foods and fun fun among the flowers   

Wood Fired Pizza At Colby's

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 03/04/13

Wood Fired Pizza and fresh bread will be add to the menu this April at Colby's Ice Cream, Bakery and Barbecue. The Brick Oven is being built by our own craftsman John. See pictures of this work of art at  www.colbysicecreambakery.com   

New Party Room at Colby's

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 01/28/13

Have an event for 30 people or less and need a location with Colby's great food. Colby's now offers private parties in our new Fireside Porch located adjacent to Colby Ice Cream Bakery & BBQ.  

Join Colby's At the Winterfest

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 12/31/12

Colby's Catering has been a long time supporter of the Scottsville Ice Arena. The rink is a not for profit organization that was formed to save the community rink from closing. Thousands of children and adults have enjoyed hockey programs, open skate broom ball and sports bar. 

The Annual Winterfest is and important fundraiser with lots of activities for every age. Come Saturday January 19, 2013 6 pm - 9 pm 

Thanksgiving Catering Helpful Success

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 11/23/12

This Past Thanksgiving day Colby's open their doors to catering pick-up and delivery dinner services for families in the Rochester Area. Our customers were very thankful that we are offering this new service. We received several call and emails letting us know how delicious the entire Thanksgiving day meal was. Colby's staff are already planning for next year to offer services to a larger area. Special thanks to Fran for baking over 300 handmade pies and Julianne for her help in preparing preparing over 1000 pounds of food.

Thanksgiving Catering By Colby's

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 10/26/12

Colby's Catering is offering Thanksgiving Catering Service to the Rochester New York community. Our catering service is famous for serving the best pig roasts. One of our most popular items is slow roasted pulled turkey. Colby's has perfected the art of roasting whole turkeys until they are tender,moist and tasty. Our side dishes are prepared fresh the day of your event. For more information and to book Colby's this holiday stop by our website www.colbyspigroast.com

Planning how many Drinks for a Party

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 02/29/12

It is very important to plan what your guests will drink during your event. For twenty three years and 4,000+ events the worst thing my staff and I experience is a host who supplies their own beverages and runs out on a hot day. The guests always look to the caterer, I have had my staff drive to a local store during the event for the host the replenish the beverages. Several years ago I took over catering an event of 2,300 guests because the previous caterer had run out of bottled water on a 90 degree day. I have 5,000 refrigerated bottles on hand along with 3400 sodas every time we cater this event.

The "Cold Drinks" golden rule for a party is have a minimum of two 12 oz beverages on hand for each guest you plan having attend. In recent years bottled water has become a preference thrust quencher by guests on hot days. It is low cost and stores easier than soda if you buy a little extra. (Did you know that soda now has expiration dates on them?) Remember to have ice on hand with a cooler to.

"Hot Drinks" are to be considered if the weather is less than 65 degrees and elderly guests traditionally request coffee after diner. Count up how many older guests you have and plan to prepare and 8oz. serving for each one. Very cold weather plan on half the guests drinking hot beverages. In the fall hot cider is a real crowd pleaser. Just add a few cinnamon sticks to cider in an electric coffee pot.

"Beer and Wine" gives a party a different tempo. If you are the host of the party you must consider your personal liability exposure, especially when you are not having the alcoholic beverages served by an insured & licensed bar tending service. There is insurance available for a single event party that covers liability including liquor. If you are concerned about controlling the consumption it is best to offer bottled beer stay away from kegs. Remember to have cups onhand and have the beverages in a convenient location. Colby's Catering is a full service cater that takes pride in making every event we cater a memerable one for the host and each guest! 

Enjoy Jim @ Colby's

The Best Pig Roast Starts with a Tasty Pig

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 02/26/12

A pig roast is one of the most memorable eating experiences your guests will attend in their life time. If you ask any friend they will remember when they attended pig roast and how the meat tasted. If the pig was roasted properly roasted the fresh meat is tender, lean and moist. Children enjoy a pig roast because they learn were meat comes from and how it was prepared in the past times. (not the grocery store)

A good pig roast starts with properly raising it for roasting. Pigs grow as much as a pound a day and are the right size for roasting in five to six months. once a pig weighs 160 lbs. as the pig gets older it starts to add more fat than meat to its body. The key to the best quality roasting pig is what it is fed. There are two ways to raise pigs. Feed them high quality feeds composed mainly of corn and soybean or waste products form dairy production, food manufacturing like old bread and rejected agricultural crops. I have roasted over 4,000 pigs on the past 24 years and I can see, smell and taste the difference. Colby's Catering only roasts for it customers pigs raised specifically for roasting and fed quality feeds. Every pig is USDA inspected and is the correct size for the event. The perfect roasted pig is spit roasted for 12 hours to a amber brown and the meat is so tender that it falls off the bone. Stop by our website at www.colbyspigroast.com for more information or send me an email with your questions to jim@colbyscatering.com.


Jim @ Colby's   

Preparing for "Drop Off Caterer"

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 02/15/12

In recent year "Drop off Catering has become a very popular way to keep an event in budget but enjoy the convenience of having your food professionally prepared. Many times our staff arrives at an event and the customer has not properly prepared to receive our delivery. Here are a few tips to consider when planning your event.

  1. Ask the cater how much table space they require? Depending on the menu size 12' -16' of table space is best. If you have a party over 30 guests it is a good idea to allow guests to go down both side. This will reduce standing in line if everyone eats at once.
  2. Think of the path the caterer will take to bring in our food items. If  there and stairs, obstructions, a long distance form the driveway let them know so they can bring more staff or equipment. 
  3. Remember that food temperatures must be maintained to insure safety. Colby's includes disposable sterno food warmers  for hot food and ice trays under cold salads. If your caterer does not supply this you may consider shopping a party supply ahead of time for these items. 
  4. Colby's supplies serving spoons and tongs for your buffet, plates, napkins and utensils are also included. If you are going to serve desert your own desert remember to have a plates and utensils.
For additional party planning tip check out  http://www.colbyspigroast.com/planaparty.html

Jim @ Colby's 

Colby's Assists Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 02/12/12

On June 9, 2012 Colby's will be catering lunch at the "Rochester Brooks Gun Club Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser". The event includes a shoot in the morning followed by a delicious barbecue lunch severed by Colby's. "Over 200 gun enthusiasts will participate in the event from the Rochester, NY community and Upstate New York" said  David Hughes coordinator of the event fundraiser. Tickets to this Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser are limited and can be purchased by calling the Rochester Brooks Gun Club at (585) 533-9913  or email David Hughes  dthughes48@msn.com. 

When to Reserve a Caterer

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 02/10/12

Choosing and reserving a caterer is important to do in the early phase of planning a large events like a wedding or company picnic. If the event is going to happen in the months of June, July and August it is best to reserve 4 to 5 months ahead. The caters with the best reputation are limited in how many events they can handle in one day. When you select a caterer be sure to give a deposit and have a confirmation from the catering company in writing for the date you have selected. Many times potential customers call us and inquire about our services and then wait till the last minute to book the event and sometimes are disappointed. For more information click on   http://www.colbyspigroast.com/planaparty.html or if you have a question please call anytime!

Enjoy - Jim @ Colby's

Colby's Catering New and Ideas 

Since 1989 Colby's has catered events for over 6,000 families, corporations, nonprofits, fundraisers. We would like to share our catering experiences with you to help you plan your great event. Please call us anytime with you questions and comment so that we can make your event a great success!
Jim & Kim 
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