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Caterer Rochester NEw York

Caterer Rochester NEw York

Preparing for "Drop Off Caterer"

by Jim@colbyscatering.com on 02/15/12

In recent year "Drop off Catering has become a very popular way to keep an event in budget but enjoy the convenience of having your food professionally prepared. Many times our staff arrives at an event and the customer has not properly prepared to receive our delivery. Here are a few tips to consider when planning your event.

  1. Ask the cater how much table space they require? Depending on the menu size 12' -16' of table space is best. If you have a party over 30 guests it is a good idea to allow guests to go down both side. This will reduce standing in line if everyone eats at once.
  2. Think of the path the caterer will take to bring in our food items. If  there and stairs, obstructions, a long distance form the driveway let them know so they can bring more staff or equipment. 
  3. Remember that food temperatures must be maintained to insure safety. Colby's includes disposable sterno food warmers  for hot food and ice trays under cold salads. If your caterer does not supply this you may consider shopping a party supply ahead of time for these items. 
  4. Colby's supplies serving spoons and tongs for your buffet, plates, napkins and utensils are also included. If you are going to serve desert your own desert remember to have a plates and utensils.
For additional party planning tip check out  http://www.colbyspigroast.com/planaparty.html

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