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Planning A Pig Roast
Plan on having fun!           
1. If the host of the party is smiling, talking and laughing all of your guests will follow your lead. The best way for you to feel great when your guests arrive is the plan early and thorough...
2. Decide a location for your event. Remember to think about parking, directions, lighting if at night, bug spray if outdoors, seating, activities for all ages, decorations, rest room and clean up. Colby's can help: we provide clean-up options and ideas for GREAT PARTY SITES.
3. Contact Colby's for reserving your party date along with a DJ, tent, chair & table rentals and other party services. Check out our Tent Rentals & DJ link for ideas.
4. Plan a Theme. Take a walk through a store like Party City for ideas. Make a list of all the supplies and help needed for the event. Check out Colby's options for a Luau or Country Western Party. Click Here.
5. Pick a date and let your guests know three to four weeks in advance. Make sure your invitation includes: party theme, location, start time, end time, dinner time, date and RSVP date. Check out for the best results, or for a great selection of pig roast invitations. 
6. Plan a time table for party activities: guests arrival, games to play, party handouts, refreshments, announcements, dinner, toast, speeches, live entertainment, dancing, prizes, awards, gift opening, guest departure, etc.
9. Don't let the party go on too long: it is best to have everyone leave in good spirits at the end rather than dwindle down to a few.
8. Colby's always has plenty of delicious food for everyone to enjoy seconds. Bring containers or food storage bags if you are planning to save left over food. Also, if Colby's is catering be sure to have a minimum of three 8 foot table spaces for the buffet.
7. Plan to have on hand plenty of beverages if Colby's is not to supply. At least two 12 oz. of cold beverages per guest and add 12 oz. of hot beverages on cold days.
10. Remember to bring money or checkbook to pay the service professionals on the completion of their work at your party. Please contact Colby's with any special needs or questions.
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Call Jim for Help Planning  (585) 259-5559