Pig on Spit at Colby's Pig Roast
Colby's is The Best Pig Roast catering in Rochester, NY for 30+ years. 
We start with a premium quality USDA Inspected All Natural whole roasting pig. Slow roast it on the spit for a up to 18 hours in our custom portable roasting ovens. Our chef arrives at your party one hour prior to your dinner time with the pig hot and On-the-Spit. 

Your guests will enjoy viewing the fully cooked pig on the spit. Our chef will answer questions and give out samples.  At serving time the chef will pull the hot, tender and juiciest pork off the spit and on to your guests plates. We Supply special freshly baked rolls. Your guest can choose from three sauces, barbeque, sweet or hot sauces to add just the right flavor to our all natural pig roast. 
Make your event the talk of the town with a Colby's Pig Roast! 

ADD A Tray of Pulled Turkey  

Real Spit Roasted All Natural 18 Hour 
Rochester's Pig Roast Caterer
Colby's Cornbread
Add Colby's
 Apple Cornbread
Baked Fresh to order. Served warm, moist & flavorful.
Colby's Pig Roast Catering Inc. 1254 Rush Scottsville Road, Rush, NY 14543 (585) 533-2310

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Wedding Pig Roast on the Spit
Pig Roast Wedding Catering at Colby's
Pull the pig instead of cut the cake at this wedding! 
Colby's arrives with Pig On The Spit for any event 
Pig is hand pulled by our chef and then placed on Buffet in heated warmer with fresh rolls,BBQ,Carolina Sweet and Hot Sauce for your guests to pour on our tender & moist naturally roast pork 

Colby's Has  Catered 3,000+ Pig Roasts 
Since 1989
USDA Inspected Pigs
Pig ready for Pig Roast at Colby's
All Colby's Pig Roast use all natural fed, USDA inspected young pigs raised for roasting 
USDA Inspected Roaster Pigs
Raised with All Natural Foods....